Top Pot 5k Race Results

Seattle, WA: April 30th, 2012.

1702 finishers, nice day for running.

Place Name Time Comments
1 Bennett Grimes 15:03 Great race for Bennett
1 Rose Wetzel 17:19 Dueled with Megan the whole way
2 Megan Huer 17:19 Couldn't quite match Rose's kick
3 Mark Mandi 15:30 A bit behind Eric Garner; 2nd age
3 Amber Farthing 18:11 Strong run; seasonal best
4 Brett Winegar 15:41 Getting really fit now; 3rd age
4 Meghan Lyle 18:17 Close to road PR for Meghan
5 Sayaka Yoshinaga 18:33 Nice race after Boston, 1st age
6 Jesse Williams 15:56 Strong run for Jesse, 4th age
7 Lance Thompson 15:58 Really getting fit now
8 Colin Fishwick 16:00 Great to see Colin again, 5th age
10 Morgan Ekemo 19:48 Back and training again; 3rd age
11 Allison Camp 19:55 4th age; strong race for Allison
12 David McCulloch 16:19 1st Masters, getting back into top shape
16 Jeriah Griswold 16:38 Nice result! 7th age
17 Mike Smith 16:50 Terrific race for 50 year old; 1st age
20 Jon Greenburg 17:34 Good tuneup for half-marathon
26 Richard Floisand 18:28 2nd age, a very short race for Richard
27 Rich Camacho 18:58 Starting to race well; 12th age
35 Michael Allison 19:45 top 60 year old by far!
81 Jim McGill 22:38 Very good time for Jim, 2nd in age group to Michael

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