Resolution Run 5k Race Results

Seattle, WA: January 1st, 2012. 1950 finishers.

Okay, wet and dry don’t mean what they meant the night before. Wet refers to the Polar Bear plunge part of the race, in which over 1000 runners took part. This is Club Northwest’s big yearly kickoff and everyone has a blast!

5k (wet)

Place Name Time Comments
1 Chad Meis 16:07 Very fast time
2 Allison Camp 19:33 Great time for Allison!
6 Tahoma Khalsa 16:45 Tahoma had a handicap; no sleep
7 Ben Sauvage 16:55 Had the best running dive in the race!
935 (approx.) Lucas Cotner 55:12 (approx.) Running w/ (and eventually beaten by) friend's little sister

5k (dry)

Place Name Time Comments
1 Uli Steidl 15:11 Super time for Uli
3 Mark Bokor 16:31 Just a great bit of racing
8 John O'Hearn 17:17 First race as a 50 year old
11 Craig Kenworthy 18:13 Great race in the 50's division

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