Love Em or Leave Em Valentines Day Duet Run: Seattle, Green Lake, Feb. 11th, 2012

Almost 2400 runners took the streets on Saturday for what is the winter's biggest race. Twenty-four runners from our group raced and there were many outstanding results Megan Johnson won for the women in a PR time of 17:00 over Jen Bigham of Rochester, NY (who husband Jeff used to run with us). Brett Winegar was 2nd for the men, Jake Stout third, Allison Maxson (nee Ritchie) and David McCulloch both took 4th. and Jeff Hashimoto and Amber Farthing were 5th. That is David M's 2nd fastest time and the fastest masters time of the year in Washington.

Peter Denton took 7th, Nick Johnson was 8th, and Kimber Lemon and Gabi Kliot were 9th and Kyle Smits was 10th. Peter ran 16:07, which was a PR for Peter, and it is great to see Nick back and running after having a serious foot problem that took him away from competition for more than a year. The 16:11 was a huge PR for Gabi-as he bettered his previous best by 40 seconds!! This comes as no surprise for those runners who come on Saturdays and know how hard Gabi has been working. Alicia had a very nice PR too, and both David White-Espin and Ray Prentice set age group (50, naturally) PRs. Our 50 year olds are sick!

The depth of our group was in evidence as 12 finished in the top 10 and 18 finished in the top 5 of their age group and all 24 finished in the top 10. In addition to Megan, Brett, David McCulloch, and Gabi, Allison Camp, David White-Espin and Shelley Neal won their age groups, while Allison Maxson , Jeff, Nick, Kyle and Jake, Mark Bokor (almost 40!) and Ray Prentice (just behind David White-Espin) were 2nd in their age divisions. Runners who were third in their age group were Amber, Alicia King, and Spencer Riley.

Since this is a couples race, there is a couples team competition. 5 teams from our group finished in the top 10. Allison Camp and Nick Johnson came in 2nd in the Open (combined age under 60 category) as they averaged 17:46! In the 60-80 (submasters category) the first 3 teams were from our group, with Jeff Hashimoto and Amber Farthing having overall the best times of the day(17:04 average!) , Alicia King and Larry Benesh were 2nd and Julie Vieselmeyer and Daryl McNutt were third (21:27 average). And last but not least, in the mixed 100+ category, Curtis Chin and his mom Ruth Chin (age 70!) took 8th place.