Eugene Marathon & Half Marathon Race Results

Eugene, OR: April 29th, 2012.

2345 finishers, virtually perfect weather, overcast, low 40s at the start, 57 at finish, light breeze for 15-20 minutes.


Place Name Time Comments
2 Teshome Kokobe 2:24:16 2nd age, very strong race on sore hamstring
4 Spencer Walsh 2:25:02 Ran with Phil, PR, 1st age group
5 Phil Olsen 2:26:11 PR despite GI problems, really toughed it out
15 Spencer Riley 2:36:30 Marvelous run, ran in pack, PR, 4th age
27 Milah Fromfelter 3:09:48 Debut, ran great; lot's of promise, 6th age
32 Glen Weissman 2:46:10 Great race, 2nd age, really finished strong
60 Jason Russ 2:55:42 Great race! PR, 10th Master's
87 Andie Roff 3:30:02 Perfectly placed, PR by 25 minutes!!

Half Marathon

Place Name Time Comments
26 Acy Roff 80:17 Great race for Acy! 3rd age (45-49)

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