Boston Marathon Race Results

Boston, MA: April 16th, 2012.

Very hot (low 70s at race start, low 80s at finish). Boston officials encouraged runners to skip the race in favor of next year. Both the men’s and women’s champions were 9+ minutes slower than last year’s times. Uli Steidl was 1st masters finisher in 2:22 and 15th overall!!

Obviously, on a day like today, place and just finishing is far more important than time. Despite this, everyone from our group finished, which is amazing!

Place Name Time Comments
53 Sayaka Yoshinaga 3:06:44 Super run for Sayaka
82 Gabriel Kliot 2:40:55 Wow! PR by 2.5+ minutes
84 Jake Stout 2:41:09 So tough!!
89 Josh Ricardi 2:41:49 Ran 2:27 here last year
337 Alex Walton 3:32:57 Difficult race for Alex
393 Allison Camp 3:29:30 Only 5 minutes from her PR!
448 Edwin Vega 2:58:36 53rd Masters finisher
1059 Peter Dalton 3:12:04 Ditto; Peter hoped to run 2:40
1518 Jenna Armstrong 3:50:08 27 minutes off her PR, tough day
286 Age Group Tom Koney 3:39:38 Struggled but persevered!

By the way, Boston doesn't do age groups until the Masters category.

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