Border Clash History

BORDER CLASH HISTORY--How runners from our training group and Club Northwest have fared

Thirty-five runners from our Club Northwest group have run at Border Clash. Nineteen have qualified multiple times for a total of 64 appearances. Note that Hazel Carr has a chance to be a 4 time Clasher, joining Maddie Meyers. Both Dylan Hayes and Cameron Stanish can be 2-time Clashers.

Name # Of Appearances
Maddie Meyers 4
Chandler Olson 3
Chelsea Burns 3
Jane Larson 3
Bobeya Krishnek 3
Amanda Stopa 3
Sarah Porter 3
Lindsay Benster 2
Kyra Burke 2
Hazel Carr 2
Ryan Prentice 2
Camille Connelly 2
Allison Ritchie 2
Jodee Adams-Moore 2
Sarah Porter 2
Mike Sayenko 2
Matt Owens 2
Joe Gray 2
Mike Heidt 2
Moira O'Connor-Lenth 1
Olivia Mancl 1
Dylan Hayes 1
Cameron Stanish 1
Rose Wetzel 1
Megan Johnson 1
Lucy Cheadle 1
Jon Hickey 1
Jordan Swarthout 1
Danielle Schuster 1
Jake Stout 1
Adam Mina 1 (for Oregon)
John Timeus 1 (for Oregon)
James Conrick 1
Nick Johnson 1

Before we get to how well each runner did at Border Clash, here is the answer to our tantalizing trivia question, did anyone from our group ever defeat Galen Rupp? Here are the 2001 results. Of course, Galen came back in 2002 to fiinish third, and then again in 2003 to win, but by that time, our guys had graduated (whew!), keeping their record intact :)

Place Name
6 Matt Owens
8 Mike Sayenko
12 Galen Rupp
14 Joe Gray
30 Jon Hickey

Washington won 73-139 (in the days when they counted 10 scorers)

Top Finishers 1999-2012 Name
1st Maddie Meyers and Jodee Adams-Moore
2nd Megan Johnson (now Huer)
5th Maddie Meyers, Rose Wetzel, Jane Larson, Jodee Adams-Moore, Camille Connelly
6th Maddie Meyers, Matt Owen
7th Chandler Olson
8th Mike Sayenko, Ryan Prentice
9th Chandler Olson, Bobeya Krishnek, Camille Connelly
11th Chandler Olson
12th Ryan Prentice, Mike Heidt
13th Chelsea Burns, Lindsay Benster
14th Joe Gray
15th Jane Larson
17th Olivia Mancl
18th Allison Ritchie
19th Maddie Meyers
20th Bobeya Krishnek
22nd Jane Larson
23rd Lucy Cheadle, Lindsay Benster, Jordan Swarthout
24th Cameron Stanish, Chelsea Burns, Sarah Porter
26th John Timeus
29th Mike Sayenko
30th Jon Hickey, Mike Heidt
34th Dylan Hayes
36th Matt Owens, Allison Ritchie
37th Kyra Burke
38th Moira O'Connor-Lenth
41st Hazel Carr, Jake Stout
42nd Joe Gray
44th Hazel Carr
48th Kyra Burke
52nd Chelsea Burns, Sarah Porter
65th Bobyea Krishnek
66th Adam Mina
72nd Sarah Porter
79th Nick Johnson (sophomore)

BEAT BY FEWEST OREGONIANS (or runners from "Other" state)

But fundamentally, the goals is not let too many runners from the other state beat you. Here's how we did:

Name # of Oregon Runners
Jodee Adams-Moore 0
Maddie Meyers 0
Maddie Meyers 0
Ryan Prentice 0
Maddie Meyers 1
Meagan Johnson (now Huer) 1
Chandler Olson 1
Chandler Olson 1
Ryan Prentice 1
Lindsay Benster 1
Camille Connelly 1
Mike Sayenko 3
Rose Wetzel 3
Jane Larson 3
Jodee Adams-Moore 3
Matt Owens 3
Bobeya Krishnek 3
Camille Connelly 3
Chandler Olson 5
Jane Larson 5
Jordan Swarthout 5
Mike Heidt 5
Joe Gray 5
Olivia Mancl 7
Chelsea Burns 7
Allison Ritchie 7
Chelsea Burns 7
Bobeya Krishnek 8
Maddie Meyers 9
Jane Larson 9
Lindsay Benster 9
John Timeus 9
Cameron Stanish 9
Lucy Cheadle 10
Amanda Stopa 10
Mike Sayenko 10
Jon Hickey 10
Dylan Hayes 11
Kyra Burke 14
Moira O'Connor-Lenth 14
Chelsea Burns 14
Matt Owens 14
Joe Gray 14
Hazel Carr 15
Hazel Carr 16
Amanda Stopa 17
Jake Stout 18
Mike Heidt 19

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