Border Clash 2012

BORDER CLASH!! Washington versus Oregon, Top 40 boys and girls from each state, November 18, 2012

It is huge to make it to Border Clash. It is such a fun event! You are treated very well for 2 days. So well that the actual race seems almost an anticlimax. The Washington Girls and Boys defeated Oregon again.

The Washington girls defeated a spirited Oregon team 23-32, while the Washington boys won 15-45. Don't worry Oregon, the Washington girls would have defeated ANY state this year.

The races were won by Amy-Eloise Neale (1 second over Alexa Ephraimson) and Patrick Gibson, all from Washington. All the girls and boys from our group exceeded or equaled their seed places coming into the race. Chandler Olson just narrowly missed scoring for Washington, as she finished right behind Washington's fifth scorer, Jordan McPhee. She caught McPhee about 40 meters from the finish but McPhee was able to surge and hold on. Both girls had the same time (where have we heard THAT before :) She was the #3 4A finisher behind Ephraimson and McPhee. Olivia had an outstanding race to take 17th, and was the #4 4A finisher. She only finished 1 second out of 13th, as the four girls ahead of her had the same time. Kyra Burke was 37th as she Moira and Hazel all ran close to one another during the second half of the race. Moira O'Connor-Lenth had the best cross country race of her career as she was 38th. She was seeded as the last Washington women coming in but defeated more than half the field. Hazel had one big goal, to defeat 1A champion Sally Larson, who had edged her at State. She did her best but Sally went out very hard and had a top 20 finish, and it cost Hazel in the second half of the race. For the boys, Cameron Stanish was the top finisher from our group, as he was 24th. He had the same time as the 23rd finisher. And the 25th, and that is the nature of this race, as the runners are battling right to the finish line. Dylan Hayes was 34th, with the, you guessed it, same time as the 33rd place finisher. Cameron was seeded as the 13th 4A runner coming in, while Dylan was seeded as the #10 4A runner coming in, so both exceeded their expectations. They both had also raced the previous weekend at Nike Cross West Regionals, and were probably a bit overraced, which didn't help them in this race where everyone is sprinting over the inal quarter mile.

The final reckoning, of course, is how many Oregon runners finished ahead of them. Not that many!!

# Of Oregonians Ahead
Chandler 5
Olivia 7
Cameron 9
Dylan 11
Kyra 14
Moira 14
Hazel 16


Look below for a history of how our runners have done at past Border Clashes. Has anyone from our group every defeated Galen Rupp?!

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