Lilac Bloomsday 12k Race Results

Spokane, WA: May 6th, 2012.

47,841 finishers, challenging hills, beautiful day to run.


Place Name Time Comments
11 Mike Sayenko* 35:45 2nd American, won $3000, PR
11 Claudia Copeland 42:13 1st Washington; won $1000, PR
24 Nicole Hunt 45:46 Won Masters money, 6th age group
27 Kristi Houk 46:12 Great race for Kristi, 12th age group
29 Meghan Lyle 46:44 Super race, PR, 7yh age group
35 Destry Johnson 39:10 Terrific race for Destry; 2nd age
41 Brett Winegar 39:41 Excellent race; 10th age group
43 Erica Pitman 48:13 Strong race, close to PR, 19th age
55 Patrick McAuliffe 40:50 Great race for Pat; 25th age
62 Jeanine Stewart Strong run for Jeanine; 28th age
83 Carla Dunn 51:36 50's PR; won age group!
90 Pat Dill 43:22 Great race! 10th age
92 Jon Houk 43:29 Great race! 17th age group
98 Andrew Moroney 43:53 Strong race, 20th age group
127 Brad Bauer 44:34 Getting fitter now; watch out! 15th age
194 Craig Kenworthy 47:07 50's represent! 3rd age group, best race of the year
868 David Harris 54:35 60's represent! 5th age group
1240 Bill Iffrig 56:31 75's represent! Crushed age group by about 4 minutes

*All-time fastest 12k time in Washington State (US Citizen)

This race was the Washington State Road Race Championships. Congratulations to Mike and Claudia for their wins! Here are how our runners placed in the Top 25:

Mike Sayenko 1st
Claudia Copeland 1st
Kristi Houk 6th
Meghan Lyle 7th
Destry Johnson 8th
Brett Winegar 12th
Erica Pitman (McElrea) 16th
Patrick McAuliffe 17th
Jeriah Griswold** 24th

**Jeriah stopped and helped a wheel chair athlete who had crashed. Hats off!

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