Arcadia Invitational Meet Results

Arcadia, CA: April 7th, 2012.

Largest high school meet in the US; 25 current National records were set here. Conditions were very warm but not unbearably so. Defending champion Amy-Eloise Neale took the lead in the first lap and the field let her go. Once the lead got to 25 yards, Maddie decided to go after her and she caught Amy-Eloise before 1200m. They ran side by side until 200m to go, when Amy kicked hard and Maddie couldn’t respond. Maddie got caught by one girl in the chase pack but held everyone else off, for a strong 3rd. Amy ran 4:51.43 for the win, slower than her win last year or Maddies’s win in 2010.

Place Name Time Comments
3 Maddie Meyers 4:55 Best race of the year for Maddie!

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