12K's of Christmas 12k and 5k Race Results

Kirkland, WA: December 18th, 2011. 1424 finishers (12k) & 750 finishers (5k).

Both courses have some hills, so very good times for a December race.


Place Name Time Comments
2 Kyra Burke 19:34 Great time and effort by HS Junior!
4 Nikki Leith 20:37 Expecting her first baby!


Place Name Time Comments
1 Joe Gray 38:19 Great time on very tough course
1 Megan Johnson 44:40 Wow! Her best time at this distance
2 Teshome Kokobe 38:48 Very nice! Easily won his age group
6 Trisha Steidl 48:14 2nd in 35-39 age group
10 Jon Greenburg 45:02 2nd in 35-39 age group
19 Tasha Westinghouse 54:20 6th in 35-39 age group

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