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A Little Background

The Wednesday Night Runners is a Seattle running group which is associated with Club Northwest. The group is made up of distance runners, middle distance runners, some trail, mountain and ultrarunners, plus a strong contingent of triathletes. It meets twice a week for track workouts and longer tempo runs. The group currently has about 100 runners, divided roughly into 11 subgroups and is overseen by 3 coaches. As the coaches are pretty much overwhelmed, we limit the participation and open up the group 3 times a year (see below for details).

We train seasonally, running much of our base running between November and February, and at the beginning of each of our 3 yearly cycles (January, May, September). Our workouts can be varied, & while most runners focus on the 5K-10K distances, we have specific workouts for middle distance runners, marathoners, etc. Our Wednesday workouts tend to be track sessions, while our weekend workouts tend to complement the Wednesday workouts as more event specific & stressing longer runs at tempo pace.

We tend to categorize our training into two main styles—building workouts, and performance workouts. The simplest building workout is the long run, but also include long tempo runs. Performance workouts tend to be intervals done at current race pace or eventual goal pace on relatively short rest, i.e., hitting a specific time. We tend to have more building workouts over the winter and at the beginning of each training cycle. The performance workouts tend to be event specific and in the middle and end of each training cycle, though the timing of each type of workout will vary according to the date of the athlete's race.

Recent News

PLEASE NOTE!!: The Saturday workout for December 8th, is cancelled. Our runners and coaches will be at the Club National Cross Country Championships in Spokane. All Saturday workouts will now be at Roosevelt High School.

Skagit Flats Marathon and Half marathon: It was a super day up in Burlington for the Skagit Flats Half and Full marathons. In the marathon, Pete Hanson was 2nd, despite a bad hamstring that plagued him for most of the 2nd half of the race. He was visibly limping but ran tough, soldiering on, finishing in 2:50. Mark Bloudek had a "simple" goal of qualifying for Boston, ran with Pete for 3 miles (way too fast for him, around 5:53), then ran with a recent Gonzaga grad (again, too fast) but somehow caught the Gonzaga lad to finish 3rd in 2:53! This is Mark's first marathon in a while. Patrick Ward, new to our group and Washington, finished 5th in a 2:55 PR, while former WNR Matt Krier, in his first race back from surgery, finshed 9th in 2:59. In the half marathon, Nick Welch won and Spencer Walsh was 2nd. They ran together through 3 miles, but then Nick ran 2 consecutive sub-5:20 miles and pulled away to a convincing win in 70:20 (that's 5:22 pace)!! Spencer averaged 5:36 miles and finished in 73:27, a good showing for Spencer.

In the Best of the West Triathlon, an Olympic disance event which serves as a Regional Championship, Brianna Troksa won! and set a PR (2:18) and Jeevan Philip had a super race in finishing 4th (2:12) on this course with some tough hills on the bike and pretty tough hills on the run course. Bri had the 2nd fastest swim, the 2nd fastest ride (by only 3 seconds) and drilled the run, having the 2nd overall time (we're talking men here, folks). Jeevan was especially strong in the swim (2nd) and bike (4th), but is not really running fit right now (7th in run). Jeevan was 2nd in his age group.

It was a great morning of racing at the Labor Day Half Marathon, our Pacific Northwest Association half marathon championship. John Christian and Megan Heuer had super races, taking 3rd place, Moira O'Connor-Lenth was 4th (in what would be a huge PR, more later), Glen Weissman was 9th and 2nd in his age group behind the indominatable Uli Steidl, Todd Maruca had the best race of his career as he won the 40-44 age group (and won a masters championships!), Deborah Flecter won the 44-49 championship, finishing 7th, Kristen Mossman was right behind, winning the 50s Championship, and Milah Frownfelter was just back of that in winning the 35-39 age group! Jon Greenberg is back and running as he finished 44th and was 7th in his age group. All of the times are fast due to short course, but our runners were racing fast and competitively throughout!

Seattle Marathon 10K and 5K: It was a very good day at the Seattle Marathon 10K and 5K! Drew Polley was 2nd, 1st age group, Nick Welch was 3rd (2nd age to winner Greg Leak), and Shaun Frandsen was 4th, winning the masters division in his first race as a masters. The 10K had challenging hills as it went over the spine of Seward Park. In the 5K, Megan Heuer won in the excellent time of 17:29, and Janet McDevitt was 2nd in 18:06, easily winning the masters division.

Jeff Hashimoto is one of the toughest runners I have ever known! He ran and won the legendary Fat Dog 120 miler, almost certainly the toughest race in Canada. His time was 26:55! For those not familiar with the race, not only is it, uh, 120 miles, it has 28,000 feet of elevation gain and similar amount of downhill. It gives new meaning to the term "screaming downhills" because most runners legs are trashed. His epic account of the race can be found at xcskigirl04.blogspot.com/2017/08/hashimoto-and-fat-dog.html

Congratulations to Paul Young on his PR in the White River 50 Mile race! Paul ran 9:48, finishing 33rd and was 5th in the very competitive 25-29 age group.

Congratulations to Pete Hanson on his big win at the Tacoma Narrows Half marathon. Pete ran away from his only challenger early on, and finished the hilly course in 75:30.

Jordan Anderson had a super half marathon time trial on a course on the Sammamish River Trail. He ran an outstanding 72:34!, which would represent a huge PR if he was racing. Jordan is running the Berlin Marathon next month.

Seafair!! Our guys did great, going 1st-5th, and a Great Day for the Reeds! :) Chris Reed and Annie Reed won the 8K and Andy Reed won the 5K. Chris first in 25:34 on challenging course, Spencer Walsh 2nd in 26:12, Lance Thompson 3rd 26:20 (1st masters), Ari Schorr 4th in 26:47, and Destry Johnson 2nd masters in fifth in 27:02. Glen Weissman was 1st 45+ in 29:17, and Andy's gf Jen won the 5K too!

--Top times and great racing Valentine's Weekend. Valentine's Day 5K (Love Em or Leave Em) Lana and Shaun 1st, Lance (1st 40s) and Megan 2nd, Spencer and Naja 3rd, Gabi(great PR, 2nd 40s) and Tess 4th, Ashley and Ari (nice PR!) 5th, Isa and Pete 6th, Amber and Dylan 7th, and Catherine Bisignano and Al Dimond 8th!! Jordan Andersen 10th, Karsten 12th, Joe B. 13th (1st 50s), Gail Hall 16th (1st 50s), Paul Carr with big PR (2nd 50s),& Hillary 18th. 10K results: Keith Laverty and Janet (1st masters) were first and Todd (1st masters) and Deborah (1st 45+) were 3rd, with Acy (1st 50s) and Cheryl 5th. Great racing everybody!!

At the Skagit Flats half marathon, Nick Welch took the win, with Spencer Walsh several seconds back in 2nd. Spencer led until a bit before mile 12. Chris Charles was 4th, Ari Schorr was 6th and David Fort, a minute PR in 7th. Ari and David ran together, as did Nick and Spencer for a good part of the way. Way to go guys!!

Club Northwest runners went 1-2 at Pacific Northwest Half Marathon championships (Labor Day Half). Seth Bridges took the men's title and Emma Kertesz won the women's title. Drew Polley and Holly McIlvaine were 2nd, Susan Empey 4th (capturing the 45-49 title!), Shaun Frandsen 5th, Gabi and Lilia 6th, Kimber and Lance were 7th, Nick Bowden (2nd masters behind Uli) and Milah were 8th. Twelve of our 19 runners finished in the top 10, with 9 winning their age groups! 3 more were 2nd in their age groups and 3 more still took third. Congratulations all on these outstanding performances!!

More social notes: :) Chris Reed and Annie Wade were married in a big barn in Condon, OR, last month. They spent their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta and had a wonderful time. Congratulations to the newlyweds!!

It was another strong day of running at the recent Pacific Northwest 10K championships, held at Railroad Days in Snoqualmie. Jane Ricardi, Janet McDevitt, Gwen Lapham, Lauren Breihof and Ashley Nichols finished 2nd-6th! Alex Rockhill was 4th, Pete Hanson 5th, Spencer Walsh 6th, David McCulloch 1st masters in 8th and Ben Sauvage 1st in 45-49 in 9th. Super Master Rick Becker took the 60+ title,running 35:55!! Janet and Gwen won the masters and 45-49 titles, respectively. Congratulations on these outstanding performances!!

Our runners ran super at the recent Pacific Northwest 5K road championships, held at Run of the Mill! Our women went 1-5 with Janet McDevitt taking the win, with Melissa Newton-Mora second, 4 seconds back. Seth ran strong, taking second behind soon-to-be Club Northwester Drew Polley, Brooke Kingma and Michael Chinchar took 3rd, Gwen Lapham and Alex Rockhill took 4th, Ashley Nichols was 5th, and Nick Bowden was first masters in 6th, Gabi Kliot was 1st in 35-39 age group in 8th. Congratulations, everybody!

Social Notes from our Group:
Nick Welch and Ana Hoyos were married in Rotterdam Junction, NY. They met at Tufts and have been together ever since. They honeymooned in Portugal and Spain. Congratulations you two!!
We had a number of special celebrations lately. --First, Tahoma and Laura Doyon welcomed their first child, Corinne, 7 pounds and healthy! Congratulations you two (three:) --Former Angenie McCleary was in town to accept the School of Social Work alumnus of the year award. We had a nice award presentation and then a great dinner afterwards at a local restaurant. Angenie, among many other things, is a county commisioner in Idaho, where she is a known progressive (yes, I did manage to mention progressive and Idaho in the same sentence). It turns out that Angenie is not alone in Idaho, having been appointed by a Republican governor and then re-elected twice. So, there IS diversity in Idaho...
--Alysun Deckert was inducted into the Kansas High School Hall of Fame. Her records from, yes, the 80s, including the State meet records in both the 1600 and 3200. Apparently they don't make them like Alysun anymore, to the surprise of no one who knows her. Congratulation Alysun!!
--Patrick McAuliffe and Elise Ricci were married last weekend in Poulsbo under typically beautiful skies. Wonderful event and hopefully a good omen for many happy years to come!! Congratulations to the Patrick and Elise!! May your marriage last as long as mine! (Hey, were ARE endurance folks).
OUR ANNUAL DINNER BASH. You all are invited to our annual dinner bash at Tutta Bellas, an Italian restaurant located at the corner of 44th St and Stone Way N. (4411 Stone Way). We will start sometime after the workout, so say, 7:30. Dress is casual. And for those coming directly from the workout, Very Casual. Hope you can make it to celebrate our Great Group!

Big day of racing at Love Em or Leave Em (Valentine's Duet) 5K, held under cold (31 degrees) but sunny conditions. Ruth Perkins was 3rd in 17:06, and Brett Winegar was 4th in 15:29 to lead our group. Kimber Hinson was 5th (17:23), Andy Reed was 6th (15:49), Drea Garvue was 6th (17:28), Janet McDevitt 7th, 1st master in 17:34, Lana Lacey (17:38) and Gabi Kliot (15:56) were 8th, Ben Sauvage 10th (1st master, 16:03), with David McCulloch right behind in 16:07. Pete Hanson (16:11, fastest in 5 years) and Ari Schorr were 12th and 13th, while Laura Michelson, Natty Plunkett, and Amber Farthing were 12th (18:05) and 13th (18:07) and 14th (18:11) on the women's side. Talia Ringer had a fine race to grab 19th (18:51), Robyn Hefner was 22nd in 19:09, and Andie Roff showed she has recovered from a string of setbacks to finish in 35th in 21:04. Five runners won their age groups, while 5 were 2nd and 10 were third. Congratulations everyone!

--Joe Gray and Claudia Copeland have super races at National Cross country championships in Boulder. Joe placed 4th, 44 seconds behind winner Chris Derrick, in the 12K. Gray raced along with the lead pack for a couple of miles, was 5th at the half way point and passed one runner after 5 miles. This is Gray's highest finish in the National Cross country championships, but no World Cross country championships will be held this year. He will compete for the US Cross team at the NACAC Cross country championships at the end of the month. Claudia took 16th place, a very strong performance considering 13 of the women ahead of her live at altitude (they finished 7th and 13th). Claudia was only 6 seconds from 15th and 7 seconds behind the 14th runner in a tight field. This is also Claudia's highest finish at these championships!

--Great racing at Ft. Steilacoom 10 miler as 9 of our runners finished in the top 10! John Ricardi and Ruth Perkins took the victories, but it was close between Ruth and Drea and Lauren Breihof, who had different race plans but eventually ran together for a few miles. John was first in 52:02, Josh Ricardi was 2nd in 5:29 pace, Ruth, after running the first two miles in 12:42, averaged 6:09, Drea 6:10 for 2nd, Lauren in 6:14 for 3rd, Natty at 6:25 for 5th and Nikki averaged 6:59 for 8th. Bob Brennand, now 52, was 8th and 2nd in his age group. And, in what was perhaps the greatest performance of the day, in the accompanying 10K Mark Billett won the masters division!! Mark is 60, and was 3rd overall, so he won the 60s, the 50s and the 40s. Mark ran 38 minutes, 14 seconds! Mark Drangsholt, coming back slowly after his great race in Bend, finished 17th. Great job everybody!

--Joe Gray runs second fastest time in Washington state history, only 2 seconds behind Mike Sayenko's state record of 63:40!! Joe was in a large chase pack that held together great through about 11-12 miles. He paced evenly, 15:01 at 5k and 30:07 at 10k,45:04 at 15K and 60:23 at 20K. He finished in 63:42, good for 20th place. Super job, Joe!!

--There was some great racing over the weekend! Everybody got seasonal bests! :) Grace got a PR in the 3K, Chris Fisher was 4th in heat one of the mile with a 3.7 second PR, Tyler VanDooren went from 9th to 2nd on the last lap, then got nipped just at the line, to take 3rd in heat 2 of the mile. Sandy still is recovering from a foot injury but was right in the front of the mix in heat 2 before his foot gave out. John and Jane Ricardi had outstanding races to finish 12th and 14th in the top heats of the 3000. Brett Winegar had a great plan and passed 5 runners in the 2nd half to finish 19th in heat 2 of the 3K. And our pole vaulters did well, as Levi Keller won in 17-10 3/4, Ryan Brown won the second flight in 16-10 3/4, while Kylee Gleason opened with a solid performance, to take 10th.

-- Chris Tremonte has a great race at the 3M Half Marathon in Austin,TX over the weekend as he finished 15th out of 4613 runners. He set a PR of 74:44, which is outstanding for a winter time. Chris has temporarily relocated away from his beer-drinking buddies to train and work! He reports knowing no one who drinks beer in Texas, which means he will probably be back here within the month... Chris is training for Boston, so we hope this is a good indicator of things to come.
--(Jan. 11th, 2014) Joe Gray finished 8th and was the third American at the Great Bupa Cross Country Challenge in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was a fast course, but quite muddy in the final 2K. So it was really hard to make up ground at the end. This was Joe's highest finish in an international cross country race. The US men were second behind Europe, only 2 points behind. Which means literally 1 second more and the US would have won. This was Joe's 14th time representing the US in International competition in four disciplines (track, cross country, ultra and mountain running). Next up: the N. American, Central American, Caribbean Cross country championship, which will take the place of the World Cross Country championships this year. Pictures and story at www.clubnorthwest.org

Club Nationals Results Up!! Click here for Results

Mustache Dache 5k results: Phil Olson wins (15:24) by over a minute (clean-shaven, so big aerodynamic advantage here!), Adrienne was 2nd in 18:50 PR, Lulu was 3rd 3 seconds back, Deborah was 5th and first master runner in 19:24, Terrence was 11th in 17:55 (good to see 17 again, hey TR?!), and JD was 31st and first senior finisher in 19:54. Over 2000 runners in a 5k, so v. important to get out quickly and not simply go into it slowly and build into it.

Congratulations on the strong performances by our high school harriers, 5 of which are going on to Border Clash! Everyone gave it their all. Northwest's Graham Peet had a wonderful hard-fought race against Andrew Ayers of Kings in which only 1 or 2 strides separated them until the finish. Graham had to kick three times but finally won at the end. Hazel Carr ran tough but was dealing with stomach issues the whole day. She finished 8th, to lead her team to a strong 4th place finish. Garfield's Cameron Stanish and Dylan Hayes and Roosevelt's Adam Houston had very strong races in the large, 4A section. Cam finished in 6th, only 1 second out of 5th, while Dylan and Adam had super kicks to take 12th and 18th, the first time they had qualified for Border Clash. Garfield finished 4th in a strong team division. Brooke Kingma was running really well, in the top 15 for about 2.5 miles before she faded toward the end. Her Jackson team finished 12th, 1 point behind Gig Harbor. Patrick McDermott kicked down 3 or 4 runners in the final stretch to grab 15th place and a spot on the Border Clash team. Brother Kirby ran a very strong race, getting a seasonal best 16:05 to place 26th. In the 2A race, Hameed Maktoof was Renton's #1 finisher as he finished in 38th place, to help his team to a 15th place finish.

Marathon wrap up: Twin Cities, Chicago, Portland, Victoria, Bellingham. Twin Cities: Ruth had a courageous race at Twin Cities, finishing in 2:51 despite having her thighs cramp up starting at mile 12. She then had calf cramps which began a few miles later. Still managed to finish, despite having to walk on several occasions. Ed Haywood unfortunately suffered cramps and foot pain and had to retire early. Chicago: PRs for the Three Amigos--Ari (2:35), Gabi (2:37) and Pete (hair over 2:38). They ran together for 20+ miles, and Ari and Gabi ran through 23. Smart running, good cooperative support. Portland: Shaun Frandsen 5th place in a PR of 2:37, 1st in his 35+ age group. Ran super through 23 (in 4th place) but faded toward end, as so many of us have before... Deborah was pacing, not racing and finished in 3:20. She is racing later in the year at CIM. She was 9th in her age group. Ana ran 4:34 and was 128th in her 45+ age group. Victoria: Adrienne Nova 21st in 3:20, 7th age. David Fort, big PR, 29th in 2:51, 7th age. Bobeya was 11th and Robyn 24th in half marathon running 84 and 90 minute, respectively. Steve Dekoker had a super race in Bellingham, as he powered to a big win in 2:30:07, more than 9 minutes ahead of 2nd place Danny Mackey. Steve has had a starcrossed history in his marathons and it is great to see him pop a big one!

High school wrap up: About time to start paying attention to our high school runners as the season is coming to a peak in the next 3 weeks. Graham Peet of Northwest School won a huge race (big school race for small school runner) at Nike Pre-Nationals. Teammate Hazel Carr was 3rd in the mid-size school race. Adam Houston almost won the Twilight meet last week but got outkicked at the end in the big invitational race. In the same race Jordan Markezich had a big PR in 16:24, good for 19th. Adam was also 8th at Hole-in-the-Wall, behind Cameron Stanish (5th), Patrick McDermott (7th) but ahead of Dylan Hayes (9th) and Kirby McDermott (18th). Hazel was 3rd in her League meet, 8 seconds from 2nd. Brooke Kingma has had a strong season and her team has a good chance to qualify for State. Kyle Suver's team is looking very strong and almost certainly will be at State.

--Hood to Coast: Super job by our runners! The open women's team of Lauren Matthews, Laura Mickelson, Kristi Houk, Susan Ashlock, Angenie McCleary, Sara Donahue, Erica Pitman won easily (2+ hours) in 21:42. The race was in memorial to Johanna Olson, a dear friend of Angenie's and a friend to many of us in the group. She succumbed earlier this year to brain cancer. The mixed masters team also won big--Gail Hall, Kelly Kruell, Paul Abdalla, John O'Hearn and gang won in 21:16. And Ray Prentice helped the supermasters team blast its way to a big win, in 22:26. Ray ran some very tough legs and averaged a tad over 6 minutes per mile. Amber Farthing was the top runner on her 4th place women's submasters team. And Keith Laverty had some fine legs on his mens team (details to come)
--Bennett Grimes won the Seattle Marathon 10K in the brilliant time of 31:10, Rose Wetzel was 3rd, Meredith Cook was 5th, and Ian Graves 11th. This was a big turnout (almost 900 finishers) and a great day to race! Rose won her age group, while both Meredith and Ian were third in the 25-29 age group. It was a PR for Ian by about 2 minutes.

--Railroad Days 10K, the Pacific Northwest Association 10K championship: Ruth Perkins (36:06) finished 2nd in the race but was the PNTF champion (the winner was not a USATF member). Kristi was 2nd, Lana Lacey was 4th, Talia, recovering--or not--from a GI infection, was 6th, 51-year old Gail Hall was 7th, and Andie Roff was 10th. On the men's side, Phil Olsen finished 5th in 31:14, the same time as PNTF champion, Uli Steidl, who was 4th. The top 3 finishers were unfortunately not USATF members. Brett was 8th, Spencer Walsh was 11th, Pete had a super race to finish 12th, Chris Fendrich ran super to finish as 2nd masters (after Uli, no shame there!), Gabi was 15th, David White-Espin ran a terrific race in 35:55 for 19th, Acy Roff had a great race for 22nd, Chuck Parnell was 28th, Ed Haywood was a strong 30th, Terrence was 32nd, and 63 year old Scott Harvey was 42nd. Ruth, David White-Espin and Gail were PNTF champions, Gail and David in the 50+ category. In addition, Phil (M30), Kristi, Lana, Gabi and Andie! (W35) won their respective age groups. Talia, Scott, Acy, Ed, and Brett were 2nd in their age groups, while Pete & Spencer were third. Chuck was 4th and Terrence 7th in their respective age groups! Congratulations, everybody on an outstanding day of racing!!

--In the accompanying Railroad Days 5K, 18 year old Sterling Bath won, 55 year old Mike Smith was 2nd in 17:08!!, and 60 year old Mark Billett, back from a delicate surgery, was 6th in 18:31. Needless to say, all 3 men won their age groups!!

--Bobeya Krishnek won the Lake Union 10K in the fine time of 38:36, and Emma Conley was second in 41:33. This was a PR for Emma. Brett Withers won the men's race in 34:49, a very nice race for Brett.

--Speaking of trails, 16 year old Graham Peet had a super race at the Cutthroat Classic, an 11.1 mile trail run along the Pacific Coast Trail near Mazama. Graham was 2nd to Nick Welch, cross country coach at Tufts and son of the legendary Phil Welch. Graham finished 13 seconds behind Nick! Adrienne Nova ran very strongly for 7th, David Fort was 8th and Nikki Jensen, fresh off her Missoula Marathon, finished 17th. Graham won his age group by a ton, David was 2nd, , Adrienne 3rd and Nikki 5th in their age groups. Great racing all!

--Keith Laverty won 2 trail races this past weekend. First he won the final Cougar Mountain series 5K, running just hard enough to stay well ahead. Then, less than 1 hour later, won the Rock the Green 10K, part of the Evergreen Trail Series. Man, running on trails is a lot harder when you have to run that fast. Congrats, Keith!

--Eric Sofen (now Doctor Eric Sofen!) defended his thesis last week. Eric is a meteorologist and his research involves ways to assess global climate models using gas isotopes. If you really want more details, I can provide them. Congratulations, Eric!!

--Bon voyage, Willie!! Last Wednesday our group said goodbye to Willie Richardson, a mainstay of our group over the past decade. Willie helped us organize some of the Sunday long runs, and was most noted for donating a kidney to his nephew. He is moving to North Dakota for Physical Therapy school. He will be living in Fargo for anyone wanting to visit. I am sure he would love to see anyone passing through. It gets pretty cold there in the winter, so a visit would help him stay chipper. Oops, sorry I really didn't mean to say that...

--Tahoma wins Spirit of Bellevue Community 5K. Tahoma won by 9 seconds on the challenging course.

--Adrienne Salwazdel competes in US National Triathlon championships. She finished 97th in her age group, out of 145. She was 122nd after the swim, had the 114th fastest ride, and the 24th fastest run. This was a great experience for Adrienne, who is still somewhat of a novice in the sport. She will get better!

--Kristi Houk wins Alaska Classic 10K, Laura Michelson 8th, 4th age, Lia 11th (had a significant handicapped here), Kristy Kleedehn 13th, 6th age. All the ladies had a great time visiting Lia. Fun but competitive Alaskan race. They had a very hilly trail run with over 3000 feet of descent two day prior and could hardly walk the next day. Laura felt every muscle in this race. Reason for Lia's handicap? She is midway through her second trimester. Nice win for Kristi (who ran 36:43). Good to see Kristy back and running again.

-- Torchlight 8K and 5K results: Kristi 1st, Kimber 2nd, Brett 3rd, Louisa 5th, Pete 6th, Lance 9th, Ari 10th, Glen 11th, Eddie Strickler 17th, David White-Espin 19th, Terrence Rindler 33rd on pretty tough course. Everyone ran great! Kristi, Brett, Glen and David won their age groups, Kimber, Pete and Lance were 2nd, Louisa and Eddie were 3rd, Ari was 4th, and Terrence 5th. Great win for Kristi! Brett is coming off a long break, Kimber is getting ready for her wedding, Louisa is just returning to racing, Pete had a super race as he trains for Chicago, Lance only finished behind winner Destry Johnson in his age group, Glen and David won their respective masters divisions fairly handily. Ari has been having some leg pain and this was not the course to be testing it on! Eddie is also just getting back into it and will be a regular whenever he recovers from this race...:) Strong run for Terrence who is also just starting to race again.

-- Bobeya won the accompanying 5K, Erica Pitman and Joel Ambo were 2nd, Catherine Bisignano, was 11th in her first race with our group, and Carl "the Sandwich Board" Winter was 23rd. The course was a bit short by GPS watch. Bo won in 17:48, Joel ran 14:58, Erica ran 18:08, Carl ran 17:54 and Catherine 20:44. Bo and Erica won their age groups, Joel was 2nd, Catherine 3rd and Carl 4th. Carl ran with a sandwich board, stumping for mayoral candidate and city councilman, Peter Steinbrueck and wasn't really racing.

--Joe Gray wins US Mountain Running Championship--his second National Championship this year (also won the US 50K champs in March). It was also the NACAC Mountain Championship, and Joe won that for the Fifth! time. Joe finished in 56:43, with Max King of Bend, 22 seconds back. The NACAC is an international championship, made up of teams from N. America, C. America and the Caribbean. The main competition is usually the US, Canada and Mexico. Finally, in winning the US Championship, Joe also qualified for this 11th National Team to compete in the World Mountain Championships! Way to go Joe!!

-- Superb racing at Chuckanut Mountain 12K! Spencer Walsh wins in course record time, Graham (age 16) 3rd, Hazel (not really racing) in 4th, Joe Bisignano 8th, 2nd age (to Kendall Townsend, who has won this race a few times). Race is a mountain race, with 1600 feet of climb, including a brutal 3/4 climb mile up Chinscraper, in which virtually everybody walks, and clings to roots for good purchase. Spencer had never run this before so, uh, had no fear of what was ahead. He finished in 51:44, a 90 second win. Graham's time was only 6 seconds slower than last year's winning time! Just wait until he is 17 :) Hazel did a great job on the long climbs and may come back to race it next year. Great job by all!

--Steve Crane cruises to big win in Lakefair half marathon. This course is not an easy one and Steve, who only began training with us last month, used it as a hard tempo run. He won easily in 71:13, winning by over a minute. He is looking forward to the Labor Day Half marathon, which is the Pacific Northwest Association Half marathon championship.

--Great results at Lake Stevens Half Ironman! Mark Oliver 9th age in 4:37, Alicia King 10th age in 5:13, and Jeremiah Mushen had trouble with his bike to finish 20th in his age group. Mark was 6th after the swim, had the 11th fastest ride and 17th fastest run in his age group (i.e.6-11-17); Alicia was 43-11-5! and Jeremiah was 7-57!-4.

--Tyler VanDooren 2nd at Chuckanut 7 mile Road Race; Keefer Whan (M48) was 5th, and first master, and Kurt Hartmaier was 13th and first in his 30-34 age group. Tyler, now 21, ran 39:08, Keefer ran 41:58 and Kurt, who seldom races, ran 44:35. Tyler was coming off his break so didn't seriously challenge Blake Medhaug, who won in 38:18.

--Graham wins, Shelley 2nd and Scott Harvey 10th in Bill Burby Inspiration Run 5K & 10K. Both 5K runners had serious duels on their hands. Graham won in 16:26 on a seriously hilly course. He was dueling with last year's winner, who went through the mile in 4:40 (Graham, a "conservative" 4:44)! He won uncomfortably by a comfortable, 33 second margin. Shelley was racing against a girl 1/3 her age, and couldn't quite recover enough after the hills and lost by 7 seconds. Shelley (F52) won her age group by 5:24! Scott Harvey, M62, had a great race on the accompanying 10K, which is even hillier (maybe the toughest in the state). Scott was 10th, easily won his age group (by 6:07) and beat a ton of younger runners!

-- Ariel 2nd at Chelan Man Half Ironman. Very hot on bike and run and Ariel faded over final few miles of run. She easily won her age group. She had a good swim and a fantastic bike, but reported wanting fluids 1/4 mile after each water station.

--Seafair Triathlon results: Julie 5th at Olympic Distance, 2nd age. Was 3rd in age group after swim, had fastest ride, and 2nd fastest run! Mark Drangsholt 2nd in age in Sprint Tri, Megan Torres 13th in age. Mark (age 55) was 10th fastest masters, and had 4th fastest swim, third fastest ride, and 2nd fastest run in his division. For Megan, she had the 30th fastest swim, the 24th fastest ride, and ahem, the 3rd fastest run! Alden Black flatted after being 2nd out of the water!!! Since Alden is an excellent cyclist and a superb runner, he would have been in serious contention to win.

--Rose, Amber, Jane 1-2-3 in the Elite Mile at Meet of Miles; Curtis 2nd, Mark Mandi 3rd, Brett 4th. Jeff Hashimoto 1st master, David McCulloch 3rd master, Jay Johannsen 1st 50s. Ben Siegel 1st in Open race, Valerie 2nd in Women's Open, Jamie 3rd and Kimber 4th, all racing very well at this "off" distance for them. Eddie Strickler 1st in Milk Mile, Adrienne Salzwedel 2nd in Milk Mile. For those of you wondering what a milk mile IS, it is like a beer milk but it solidifies quicker...Lisa Anderberg 1st in costume mile (no pictures yet, let's go people! :) Josh Ricardi 4th in Prediction mile, behind some very good guessers.

--Lauren Breihof wins Cougar Mountain 10 mile (read: 10.7 miles), Hameed Makttoof 2nd (just finished his freshman year at Renton HS), Seth Berntsen and Emily Kruger 3rd, and Eddie Strickler 6th. Everyone won their age group except Hameed and Eddie. Lauren won by over 2 minutes. Emily was only 1.6 seconds behind the 2nd place runner. No one is expecting to have to kick after 10.7 miles!

Run of the Mill Results (the Pacific Northwest Association 5K championship). Rose, Mike Sayenko win PNTF championships, Sean Sundwall, Ed Haywood, Regina Joyce and Shelley Neal win masters championships. Rose edged Ruth, 17:12 to 17:18, after Ruth led for the first 2 miles, while Kristi was not far back in 4th, behind a professional runner from Ohio. Mike was edged by Patrick Smyth, from Salt Lake City, but Smyth was ineligible for championship considerations since he is not from the Pacific NW. Sean was 8th overall, Matt Koenigs was 12th, Ben Sauvage 13th (3rd masters), Brooke was 12th, and 1st in her age group and Laura was 15th, still not recovered from the Club National Track & Field championships. This was Sean and Ed's first PNTF championship! About 1500 runners ran.

Grace, Michael Mendenhall 3rd in East-West high school All-star race, Kyra 8th. This all-star race was a separate part of Run of the Mill. Grace and Michael ran very well and had strong finishes. Grace raced with Brooke until near the end. Michael was several seconds behind Sean and the 2nd place high school runner. About 43 all-stars participated, with slightly more boys than girls.

Patrick Lestrange runs 2:49, for 6th place at Foot Traffic Flat marathon, qualifies for Boston. This was Patrick's goal. He slowed over the final few miles but had a nice cushion built up by then.

Mike Sayenko edges Joe Gray at Peachtree 10K in 30:10 and 30:11!, Paul Limpf back at 31:08. One of the top road races in the US, but hot and humid, if you are from the Pacific Northwest.

Jamie 2nd, Spencer 3rd, Ryan 4th, Curtis 9th at Firecracker 5000! Eddie Strickler was 11th, Ray Prentice dominated his 50+ age group for 13th, Chris Tremonte 16th, and Ari Schorr 20th. Chris and Ari had a lot of fun dressing up for the occasion, and probably even more fun before and after the race! :) Nice race for Jamie on this course, which was made harder by some last minute changes due to construction.

Kristi wins Tacoma Independence Day 5K in PR time of 16:43! Tara Peterson 10th in PR of 20:29, 35 second PR on net downhill course.

Deborah, Matt Koenigs win Yankee Doodle Dash 10K, Acy 2nd and 1st masters, Andie struggled, but hung in there for 6th. Matt's time was an outstanding 33:58 on this hilly course, Deborah ran 40:55 (1st master), and Acy 36:26. All four runners won their age group.

Erica 3rd, Mike Smith 8th, Paul Abdalla 9th, and John O'Hearn 12 at Run for the Pies, in Carnation. Erica and Mike won their age groups (50-54 for Mike), Paul was 2nd 50+, and John was 3rd 50+. Mike ran 16:57, Paul and John right behind in 17:00 and 17:10

Pete 3rd at Edmonds Fourth of July race. Pete easily won his age group. Not an easy course! --Congratulations to the Club Northwest track team!! for their magnificent performance at the Club National Track & Field Championships, held this past weekend in New York City. The 8 person women's team took 3rd place, scoring 103 points!! That is an average of over 12.5 points per person!! Our two men, Levi Keller and Ryan Brown, did extremely well too, scoring 15 points. Club Northwest was 5th in the combined score, behind much larger East Coast teams. The Central Park Track club won the top combined score and the women's division, while the Garden State TC took the men's team title. For our team, Rose Wetzel won the 800m and defended her title in the 5K, the latter a controversial race in which the winner (who edged Rose) was disqualified. The team of Rose, Amber Farthing, Laura Mickelson and Jordan Carlson won the Distance medley relay, an event CNW has won the past 4 years. This is the first US National Championship for Amber, Laura and Jordan, though both Amber and Jordan won NCAA championships on relay teams. Rose has now won 10 National Championships!
Everybody ran their hearts out, sacrificed and made major contributions to the team! Congratulations to Sarah Ulrey (100 and 400m hurdles, 100m dash, sprint medley, 4 X 400m), Amber Farthing (800m, 1500, DMR, 4 X 800 relay), Kylee Gleason (pole vault, javelin, 4 X 400m, sprint medley), Jordan Carlson (400m, DMR, sprint medley, 4 X 400), Rose Wetzel (800, 5000, Sprint medley, DMR, 4 X 400, 4 X 800), Ruth Perkins (5K, 10K), Kristi Houk (5K, 10K), Laura Mickelson (4 x 800, DMR), Levi Keller (Pole vault, javelin) and Ryan Brown (PV).
--Huge performances by Mike Sayenko and Paul Limpf at US Half marathon championships! Mike set the Washington state half marathon record of 63:40 while Paul ran the 4th fastest time in Washington history in 64:36!! Mike's time broke the Washington state record of 63:49 set by Mike Layman at America's Finest half marathon in San Diego, in 1981. The weather in Duluth, Minnesota was great, i.e., Northwest weather, and the pace was outrageously fast. The leader, Mo Trafeh, ran 4:20 for the first mile. Only Olympic marathon silver medallist Meb Keflezighi managed to hang on, catching Trefeh in the final mile, but Trafeh accelerated away for the win, in 61:17. To give you some idea of the pace, Mike went through the 10K in 29:54, while Paul was at a more sane 30:50 pace. This is less than halfway through, people! Congratulations to Mike and Paul on their historic races! Emily Kruger ran an excellent race in the non-championship portion of the race, running 85 minutes, good for 12th place. She went out aggressively, and hung on pretty well to finish 5th in her 25-29 age group. Emily joined our group this summer and is obviously adapting well!

--Joe Gray second at Mt. Washington Road race. In most years, this is the most competitive mountain race in the US. Eric Blake had the race of his life in winning in under 60 minutes. Joe did succeed in one goal: to defeat last year's winner (Sage Canaday). The big race, the US mountain championship, will be next month in Vermont.

-- Nikki Leith wins Rock n Roll Half marathon. Nikki had taken time off to have her first child and, as far as I know, this is her first race back! Teshome, who won the full marathon last year, was 2nd this year, as he faded in the second half. Back to the half, Sean Sundwall was 10th and first masters finisher, Destry was right behind him and was 1st in the 35-39 age group, Chris Charles was just back in 13th (2nd in Destry's age group), and Katie Paul was 16th, 4th in her age group. The combined races had over 14,000 runners and, though it was warm, a good time was had by all.

-- Fall City. Super racing by all!! Gabi big win in 33:30 (PR), Erica wins easily. Mike Smith (age 54) in 34:11!, Ray (age 54, age group PR in 35:07, John O'Hearn (age 51, age group PR) in 35:26. Avg age of top 3 runners=48!!, Avg time of top three 50 year olds= 34:58!) Woo Hoo!

Great racing down at Border (Washington vs. Oregon) Duel!! Aaron 2nd in 800 in 1:54.0, Jamie 2nd in 5k in 15:06, Dylan 4th in 15:30 , Gareth 5th in 15:30.2. Fantastic racing by all!

High school track summary. Everyone who made it to State scored! We had 9 runners at State, 7 made it in 2 events. All placed at least 5th place in one of their events. Chandler defended her 4A 3200m title in 10:32, and was 3rd in the mile (4:52). Jamie broke 9 minutes in the 3200 for the first time, good for 4th place (Washington had 14 of the top 100 times in the Nation this year!). Patrick, only a sophomore, was 3rd in the 3200 (big PR of 9:07!), 4th in the 1600. Cameron had a super spring, placed 4th in the 1600m 8th in the 3200. Aaron had an exciting race to place 4th in the 800 in a PR of 1:54.01 (of course we all had him in 1:53.8). Gareth was a strong 4th in the 3200, with a big PR. Olivia brought her usual super finish to grab 5th (almost 4th!) with a PR in the 3200, and 8th in the mile (5:03 PR). Hazel, had some setbacks late in the season but was able to tough it out. She was 4th in the 800 in a close race and had a 1600m PR earlier. Graham was 4th in the 3200 and had PRs in all 3 distance events plus the 3K steeple. All had PRs throughout the season. The runners who missed going to State raced very well too. Moira was running really well all spring and had run the 5th fastest time (11:00) in the 3200 1 month before State, but suffered a stress fracture and had to stand by and cheer on her very powerful Holy Names team (her team finished 2nd). Dylan had a 9:28 PR at Districts but it took 9:17 to make it to State in 4A. Grace faced even bigger challenge and missed out at State, as it took 2:14.1 to gain the last place at Districts!(and 2:14.2 to make it to the State finals!). Kyle had PRs at 800, 1600 and 3200 (9:35!) but was in the very competitive 3200 4A so missed out on State. Adam had two setbacks (foot, then wisdom teeth out late in the season) but still managed 2 3200m PRs (9:31). Michael and Kyra both contracted mono so really suffered to run well this season. Michael did manage a 1:56 800 PR, but was spent aerobically. Kyra's season really didn't get going, but she was a trooper, cheering everyone on and helping her training partners throughout! Super job by everyone!!

Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and friends of those injured in the Boston marathon bomb blasts. Bill Iffirg, a Club Northwest runner and a good friend to many in the group, was knocked off his feet by the first bomb blast. He suffered some abrasions but is Okay, with no ear damage from the blast. All of our other runners are safe and for that we are thankful.

On the track. Sandy 4:07 1500m, misses PR by 0.1 second, then gets hit by car (lucky he is okay, no running for a week). Destry sweet 5K in 15:37, great time for a 38 year old.

High school track scene. Grace gets another PR (5:16), Moira outduels Hazel at Birger Solberg Invitational (one-two finish, 5:12 to 5:14), Graham sets PR 9:58, Kyle nice PR 9:49, Michael runs super times of 1:58/ 4:20. Earlier, when it was colder, Chandler and Olivia ran season bests of 5:01, 5:10. Gareth, who has only run 1 meet, opened with a PR of 9:35, a super time. Dylan hasn't raced since early March, where he posted some nice times (4:32 and 9:36). Adam and Kyra are still getting going, Adam following an early season setback. Still waiting for the weather to warm up!

John Collins (age 41) wins, Deborah Fletcher 2nd (1st master) and Brian Debronsky 3rd at Tulip Run 5 Mile. This is Brian's first race after joining our group. Only 25 seconds back of John, so he has someone to target now.

Teshome (16:01) and Kristi (17:59) win To Hell With Cancer 5K, Gabi 3rd, Jon Houk 4th, Glen, 1st masters, Scott Anson strong race in 17:42.

Keith Laverty wins Birch Bay 15K in 51 minutes. A bit windy and a side stitch, but he won and set new course record.

Rick Becker 3rd (at age 58!) in Yakima River Canyon marathon 2:56. He won the National masters championship last year in 2:41.

Kristi and Jon Houk win Spring Forward 5K. Kristi in 17:58, Jon in 16:57.

Pete Hanson had a great race at the Shamrock 15K in Portland. Pete was 30th in the huge field of 7700 runners, and was 11th in the supercompetitive 30-34 age group. He ran 53 minutes on the challenging course.

The Three Amigos Do LA! Ari Schorr, Chris Tremonte and Tahoma Khalsa all ran the LA marathon on Sunday. Not as easy as the hill profile would suggest! A lot of ups and downs, repeated ad naseum! Not a ton of flat running and it took its toll in the end. Ari (2:40, 3rd age), Chris PR 2:41 (9th age), and Tahoma 2:42 (10th age) all did great! Ari spent some non-quality time in the Port-au-Pot, which would have easily put him in the 2:39 range. They all ran great, and had a great time (even during the event :) Chris managed to get a lot of "coverage" for his, uh, attire... Or maybe coverage is not the right word :)

St. Paddy's Dash Results!! Ah, the madness of 15000 runners! Mike Sayenko edges Joe Gray by 1 second, Rose edges Claudia in women's race. Kristi 4th, Pat McAuliffe 5th, Amber 6th, Martin Mudry 7th, Steve Dekoker 9th, Gail Hall (age 53) and Keith Laverty 10th. Deborah 13th, 1st 40s, David McCulloch 1st masters, Glen 2nd masters, Chris McBride 3rd 40s, John O'Hearn 1st 50s, Craig 2nd, David White-Espin 3rd 50s. Brett Winegar 11th (sick last week), Julie 15th, Rhea 16th, Curtis Easton 17th (great for a mid distance runner!), Jon Houk 18th, Dani 21st, Mike Van Dusen 38th; Kevin McGinnis, Jim McGill 2nd age group. 8 runners won their age group, 7 more were 2nd, 4 more 3rd , 22 of 27 of our runners finished in top 5 in their age group, all finished in top 10!!

Jane Larson and John Ricardi got married on Sunday in a wonderful ceremony held at the Pickering Barn in Issaquah. They are off to Maui on their honeymoon. There will be no more updates for a couple of weeks....

Another great week of racing! Some simply amazing times! And this is only March and we haven't done much fast training yet!
--Okay, one guy HAS done some fast training. In the Mountain to Fountain 15K in Phoenix, Mike Sayenko had a super race going, only to have it "marred" by GI problems. His splits were 5:17 (uphill mile), 4:41, 4:37, 4:42, before he had his difficulties. Still he went through the 10K in 29:54 and ended up running 45:48, good for 6th place and some prize money.
--Chris Charles was 2nd at Lake Sammamish Half in 74 minutes and Seth Berntsen 3rd in 78 (both are 38); Adrienne and Andie went a little crazy, getting 6 and 5 minute PRs, Adrienne 8th in 87 minutes!!, Andie 21st in 93!!
--On the track, 43 yr old John Collins ran 32:25!! and almost won the 10K at the PLU invitational. Got passed in last 100m after leading almost the entire way. And equally amazing, 54 year old Mike Smith had an awesome race, finishing 5th in 34:42!! I wonder if he has any eligibility left?! Also at PLU, Sandy got a PR of 2:02 in the 800, a weird race in which he was never closer than 10m to the runners up ahead (they all started in a waterfall start 15m up ahead). He will get faster! :)
--Note: Although this might seem like it was a masters only race (or 50s only!) it was not. Paul Abdalla won and Ray Prentice and Gail Hall were 2nd in the Foothills Dash 10k. Paul ran the awesome time of 36:04, Ray 36:25 and Gail 40:17. Young Paul is 51, and Ray and Gail are 53. These are age group PRs for Ray and Gail but old hat for Paul, who ran 35:31 last year!
--Along more traditional lines, Kristi and Jon Houk won the accompanying Foothills Dash 5ks. Jon won in 17:12 while Kristi was 2nd overall in 17:54, excellent times for both.

Joe Gray wins U.S. 50k championship in new State record of 2:55:20, breaking the old record 2:55:54 set by Richard Holloway, in 1981!! Yes, time to take down those old marks! He ran extremely well, but this is not an easy course either. The runner up, Verrelle Wyatt, ran a very respectable time of 2:57:10, a time usually good enough to win. This is Joe's 2nd 50K championship as he successfully defended last year's title. It is his 5th U.S. Championship win, for the 10-time US National team member.

Lauren Matthews 2nd, Susan Empey 3rd, Rhea George 8th at Hot Chocolate 15k. John Ricardi was 3rd, Brett Winegar 4th, Josh Ricardi 5th, Jeriah Griswold 6th, Rick Becker 9th (at age 58!), Rocky Ursino 21st, Tom Koney 25th and Mark Drangsholt 72nd. Everyone won their age group except Josh, who was 2nd, Jeriah (3rd), Rhea (2nd) and Mark (3rd). Huge age group wins for Susan, Tom, Rocky and Rick Becker, who won his age by uh, 13+ minutes!! Not an easy course as most was either up or down. No disrespect to Rocky, who was 1st male master, but his master friend Susan finished ahead of him. But not by much :)

Amber and David McCulloch win March Forth 5K, David in 16:25, Amber in 17:51. Nice times for both. She was 3rd overall.

Rose wins Hot Chocolate 5k, 2nd overall. Milah 3rd in 19:21.

Phil Olson, Lauren Breihof win Ft. Steilacoom 15 miler. Sean Sundwall 2nd in new State masters record (81:04). Kimber Lemon 2nd, Spencer Walsh 3rd, Josh Ricardi 4th, Ari Schorr 8th, Bob Brennand 17th, 2nd 50 year old, Ed Haywood, strong run despite not racing. Lauren's time (94:36) is 12th fastest in State history, Spencer's was 16th fastest, and Kimber's 23rd fastest.

Chandler Olson 12th at Brooks PR meet 2 mile. Had great race going for a while, with splits of 2:30 for 1/2 mile, 5:08+ for mile, then 10:50.

Adrienne Salzwedel wins White Center 5K in huge PR of 19:14 (almost 1 minute PR). She actually lost by 2 seconds--to the male winner! Adrienne runs in group 5

The Brooks PR meet will be held on Sunday, February 24th at the Dempsey Center. Come see the top high school runners in the nation compete at 800, mile, and 2 mile (plus sprints and hurdles). Several Washington runners will be competing including Chandler Olson, Amy-Eloise Neale, Katie Knight, Joe Hardy (Seattle Prep), Patrick Gibson (Border Clash winner from Bellingham), Alexa Efraimson (4:42 miler from Camas), Tatum Taylor (O'Dea sprinter), Hannah Cunliffe (Federal Way sprinter), Marcus Chambers (sprinter from Foss HS). It should be a fun meet! It's free and free T shirts to the first 1600 hundred spectators in the door!
3:50 Girls 60m (boys to follow)
4:15 Girls 2 mile (with Chandler, Katie Knight, Alexa Efraimson, boys to follow)
4:50 Girls 400m (boys, including Marcus Chambers, to follow)
5:30 Girls 800m, boys to follow
6:25 Girls Mile, with Amy-Eloise Neale, boys to follow
Facebook link

Great weekend of racing! 19 PRs!! Highlights: Joe Gray runs 65 minutes for 2nd place at First Half (marathon) in Vancouver. David Fort PR in 80 minutes.
High School, Chandler PR, under 10 minutes for 1st time; Olivia wins heat 2 in PR of 10:18, Moira 3rd with 10:26 PR. Hazel (HS soph) wins heat 2 of mile(indoor PR); Patrick McDermott runs indoor PR of 4:21 (HS soph).
College highlights: PRs for Tyler in 3K (8:50) and missed mile PR by 0.5 seconds (4:22); Sandy PR of 4:25, Jeffrey PR of 4:26, Maddie Meyers PR of 4:41 in mile despite difficulty at the start (it took her 1 lap to recover). Ben Siegel PR in mile (4:41).
Post-collegiate: Mike Sayenko 14:08 5K, very satisfying run after limited training. John Ricardi 4:13, strong race overall. Eric Sofen 9:09 PR in 3K. Paul Young indoor PR of 4:48, Mike Smith 4:57 at age 54! Hannah indoor PR of 5:36.
Valentine's Day Dash: Brett, Megan Huer win in 15:22, 16:59. Meghan Lyle PR of 18:03, Gabi PR of 16:00, Erik Taylor 16:09, Pete 16;15, Blair 1st master in 16:43 at age 47, Ray and Gail win 50s in 17:04 (by 1:04 over next runner!), Gail in 19:23, wins by 1:37! Luke PR of 18:45 (5th age), Seth, Willie, Mark Drangsholt, 3rd age, Ari 4th age, Jeriah 5th age, Andie 7th age.

Club Northwest had great success at Club National Cross Country championships in Lexington, KY. We took 7 teams and came away with 1 National championship (Women's masters 40s), and 2 silvers (men's masters 50s, women's masters 50s). Our top runners were Katie Mackey, who finished third and qualified for racing for Team USA and Paul Limpf, who qualified to be in the Team USA pool for the NACAC cross country championships. Gwen Lapham was the top women's master runner, winning her first National championship, besting teammate Linda Huyck, who took the silver medal. Lyuda Vasilyeva was 5th. The top men's masters was Jeff Hashimoto, who was 15th, the top women's 50s runner was Kelly Kruell, who was 4th, and the top men's 50s runner was Michael Smith, who was 11th. The team toughness award goes to Phil Welch, who ran with a broken bone in his foot for the 7th place men's 60s team!! You did not hear any self-pitying complaints from any of his teammates!

Special workout for Tuesday, Dec. 4th for runners going to Club National Cross country Championships: Roosevelt High School, 6 PM

California International Marathon: heavy wins and rain but our runners ran super!! Pete 2:41 (44th place, 17th age), Sayaka 3:05 (43rd place, 17th age), Alicia 3:11, 62nd place, 17th age, Aaron Schiedes (2:53, 103rd place, 33rd age).

Rock n Roll Las Vegas, Steve Dekoker 2nd place again (was 2nd last year, 2nd in Whidbey Is. this year). Pat McAuliffe 6th in half marathon in 72 minutes. Wind was a factor, and pretty high temperatures for the Northwesterners.

Seattle Marathon: Susan 2nd (2:49), Lauren Matthews 3rd (2:51), Dyan 4th (3:00 PR), Milah 5th (3:06 PR), Ryan Johnson 16th (2:46 PR), Jackson 19th (2:49 PR). Until this year only one women's Olympic Trials qualifier had ever run the Seattle Marathon (Kami Semick in 2004), but they had 3! this year! Race was won by Kristen Carter of Brooks in new course record of 2:47:04. Susan was close to the old course record.

Seattle Half marathon: Caryn Heffernan 7th, Tahoma 10th, Chris Tremonte 14th (75:05 PR!), Kris Brown 23rd, Chad Meis 25th, Willie 37th, 2nd age

Kimber (25:40) runs strong in Canadian National XC championships (she has dual citizenship). She averaged 3:40 per 1K on a wet, sloppy course for 7K (equivalent to 29:20 8K)

Rose wins Seattle Marathon 5K, David McCullogh 2nd, Amber Farthing 3rd; David went off course and it cost him the win

Paul Limpf, Claudia win USATF Northwest XC Regional in Spokane; Brett 2nd, Kristi 3rd, Talia 6th

Lauren Breihof wins Ghost Half Marathon (82:36, 2nd overall!)

Kristi runs PR 17:26 at Tacoma City Turkey Trot! Brett 3rd in 15:26

Quick news from Border Clash. All of our runners did super, at least equaling and in most cases exceeding their seeding coming in. In the 80 runner fields, Chandler Olson, came in 11th overall and 3rd 4A finisher (same time as 2011 4A champion Jordan McPhee), Olivia Mancl had a fantastic race to finish 17th (and 4th 4A finisher), Cameron Stanish was 24th (3rd 4A finisher), Dylan Hayes was 34th (9th 4A), Kyra was 37th (10th 4A), Moira was 38th (9th 3A), and Hazel was hot on the heels of the 1A champion, Sally Larson, but faded toward the end to finish 44th (2nd 1A). Olivia was only 1 second out of 13th, as the 4 runners ahead of her had the same time. Moira was perhaps the greatest surprise, as she had the slowest time of all the Washington runners coming in, but beat most of the field.

College cross country update. Maddie Meyers finished 7th on her U. of Washington team, as they placed 9th at the NCAA Division I championships in Kentucky. In Division III, Lucy Cheadle, whose team won the NCAA championships last year, placed 21st as an individual this year.

Congratulations to these high school runners who qualified for Border Clash, the interstate competition between the top runners from Washington and Oregon on November 18th. Hazel Carr, Chandler Olson, Kyra Burke, Dylan Hayes, Olivia Mancl, Cameron Stanish, and Moira O'Connor-Lenth.

High school runners and teams did fantastic at the State cross country championships yesterday. The top finish was Hazel Carr, from Northwest School, who was 2nd for the 2nd time, as a sophomore. She helped her school, coached by Joe Bisignano, to a 5th place finish. Chandler Olson gutted out a very tough race to place 7th, Kyra Burke was 10th in 4A, Olivia (13th) and Grace Hodge (53rd scorer) helped their Roosevelt HS team to an 8th place finish. Moira O'Connor-Lenth was 15th in 3A. Newcomers to our group were Dylan Hayes (10th) and Cameron Stanish (13th), whose Garfield team took 6th, Micheal Mendenhall was 37th, while Kyle Suver's 47th scoring place helped Eastlake to a 10th place. Hazel was 2.6 seconds from winning, Chandler was 2 seconds from 5th, and Kyra was 0.6 seconds from 9th!

Congratulations to our runners who made our Club Northwest team that will compete in the National championships in Kentucky! Women: Rose Wetzel (5th time), Katie Mackey (2nd), Kristi Houk(4), Megan Huer (6), Ruth Perkins(2), Meghan Lyle (2), Laura Mickelson (2), Kimber Lemon (1st!) Men: Mark Mandi (5), Brett Winegar (6), Paul Limpf (2), Phil Olson (1st!), John Ricardi (1st!), Spencer Walsh (1st!), and Cameron O'Neil (1st!)

Congratulations to all of our high school runners who have qualified for the State Cross Country Chanpionships! Below is a link to the cross country course and elevation profile:
Sun Willows Golf Course

ON TO STATE!! Congratulations to Chandler Olson, Kyra Burke, Hazel Carr, Moira O'Connor-Lenth, Grace Hodge, Olivia Mancl, Kyle Suver, Michael Mendenhall, Patrick and Kirby McDermott and Gareth Jones on qualifying for the State Cross Country Championships! All qualified as individuals. In addition, Hazel, Kyle, Grace and Olivia will have their teams at State. Grace and Olivia's Roosevelt HS team won Districts, while Hazel (and Joe B.'s) Northwest School took 2nd. Chandler won districts, Hazel and Olivia were 2nd, Kyra 3rd, Moira 5th, Michael 6th, Patrick 7th, Kirby 9th, Kyle 21st and Grace and Gareth were 25th. Patrick and Kirby ran 18 and 25 second PRs at Woodland Park, pretty amazing. Last week Simon Barbe's season ended, but on a high note as he set a PR (17:18) on the notoriously difficult Woodland Park course.

-- Ruth Perkins went on the roads to the Tulsa Run, a 15K that has been on the National road race circuit since the 70s. The race was very cold, with temperatures in the 20s at the start, and quite windy at times. She finished 7th in 56:03. All of her splits were sub-6:00, until a 6:18 on the final uphill mile. She was 3rd American.
-- Snohomish River half marathon: Sean Sundwall was 2nd (70:10) , Megha Dosha was 4th (89:12) and Andie Roff was 11th (big PR of 98:24!). Strong winds on the out-and-back course made it tough going for about half of it. Sean and Megha won their age groups, Andie was 4th.
-- Tri-Cities Marathon: Paul Young took second with a 14 minute PR, running 2:43:28. Paul, 21, easily won his age group. The winner ran 2:35, but Paul battled 3rd place finisher for half the race before pulling away decisively (ahead by more than 6 minutes at the end).
--Bellingham Bay Half Marathon: Joe Gray wins, John 2nd, Josh 3rd, Brett 4th, Kristi 4th, Caryn 6th, Erik Taylor 7th, Meghan Lyle 11th (welcome back from Europe, Meghan!)
--Issaquah 5K and 10K: Laura Mickelson wins 5K, Mike Smith 5th at age 53, Paul Abdalla 7th, Jim McGill 3rd age. Pat McAuliffe ran 32 minutes for a strong 4th in 10K (2 seconds from 3rd), Gail 5th (1st master at age 50), Chris Fendrich 9th, 1st master, Gabi 10th, 1st age, Tony 12th, 1st age, Craig 3rd age, Willie, 5th age.
--High School cross country. Kyra wins Marysville Twilight in 18:12(PR), Micheal Mendenhall 2nd in 15:35 (PR) after leading most of the way. Moira 5th in 18:52 (PR). Kyle 26th in PR of 16;29. At Nike Pre-Nationals, Hazel won the Mid-size school race, dipping under 19 minutes. Grace and Olivia had strong races for Roosevelt HS, as they took 2nd in Large School Division. Northwest took 5th in Mid-School Division. In the Championship race, Chandler Olson had a mishap, slamming into a course marker early on, and tried valiantly to get out of the crowd and catch the leaders. She never quite caught them, but went through the mile in 5:32 and was pretty spent from then on. She finished 15th.
--Maddie Meyers raced her first important race as a collegiate and it went better than expected. She woke up sick and feverish, but she toughed it out, finishing in 42nd place, as the #1 ranked Huskies took 2nd. Maddie was UW's 6th place finisher, 35 seconds behind All-American Katie Flood and 29 seconds behind Washington's #2 finisher, Lindsay Flanagan.
--Finishing just a bit behind Maddie was Washington University sophomore Lucy Cheadle, from Roosevelt. Washington U. is the defending NCAA Cross Country Champion in Division III and Lucy is their #1 runner.
Great results from Joint Base McCord Half Marathon and St. Martin's Invite (cross country). Sean and Destry go 1,2 for half (70:09, 71:47) at inaugural half marathon. Ruth wins St. Martins, Linda 5th (1st master), Kimber 7th, Karen 21st (2nd master), Shelley nice improvement (3rd master). Cannon 1st master (at age 55!), Brennand 2nd master, 1st baptism for Michel Van Dusen.
--Great racing at Skagit Flats Half (and full!) marathon. Spencer Walsh (70:55), Susan (81:45) cruise to easy wins, Gabi 3rd, Mark Bloudek 7th, despite injury, Paul Young 9th, 2nd age, Ed Haywood gets a PR 82:37 at age 51!, Andie, 16th, 6th age. Bill Iffrig, 3:50 in marathon, at age 78!!
--Joe Gray 14th at World mountain championships in Italy. Team USA was 4th on 4 man scoring team. Top 3 US were 9th, 12th and 14th, poised to be on the podium, but had to wait almost 4 minutes for their 4th man.
--Several outstanding times at Labor Day Half Marathon, the USATF Pacific Northwest championship. Brett and Kristi (PR of 79 minutes) were 2nd, Pete was 5th (PR!), Ari 6th (PR!), Chris Brunnquell 8th, Jeriah 9th, Andy 10th, Talia 12th (big PR!). Jerry Zyskowski and Phil Welch won masters championships.
At Labor Day 4 mile, Erica Hill won, Morgan Ekemo was 2nd , Kathy Edris was 4th (1st senior) and Anna Hill was 5th (2nd teenager)
--Lauren Breihof finishes 4th at Oregon Wine Country half marathon. Ran excellent time of 82 minutes & won her age group on rolling hill course with gravel section at the end.
--Maddie Meyers ran her first collegiate race. In a low key dual meet against Seattle University, she finished third behind two teammates, all of them running together.
--Important announcement!! The Labor Day Half marathon is changing!!! The start and finish will be in Marymoor Park. It will avoid all of the UW Bothell campus and any major hills. For more detailed information, visit the event website www.labordayrun.com
--Important announcement! We are holding a special workout on Tuesday, August 14th, to get ready for Railroad Days, the Pacific Northwest Association 10K Road Championship. The workout can be found under the upcoming workouts section. There will still be a Wednesday workout.
--Joe Gray wins North American, Caribbean Mountain Championship for 4th straight year. Joe will compete on his 10th! US National team at the World Mountain championships in September.
--Peter Denton finishes 14th at San Francisco Marathon, gets a 13 minute PR in 2:41
--Charles Herrick wins silver in 400m at US Masters Championships; runs 59.27 in final for age 60+ --Craig Kenworthy dominated by winning his age group by 17 minutes at Mt. Ashland hillclimb, a trail half marathon
--Club Northwest women, combined team take 2nd at Club National Track & Field championships. 14 person team scores 205 points!
--Teshome wins Seattle Rock n Roll marathon; Jeremiah 5th, Rhea 9th
--Kristi, Phil 4th, Kimber, Josh, 5th, Brett 6th, Destry 8th, Sayaka 9th at Rock n Roll half marathon; Chris Fendrich first masters
--Win wins age group in Desert Half Ironman; wins by 7 minutes
--Richard wins City Blast 10K; at age 47 he has now won his last two 10Ks
--Club Northwest athletes to compete at Olympic Trials: Lois Keller, Mike Sayenko, John Ricardi, and Will Conwell will compete Lois and John are in the steeplechase, Mike in the 10,000m and Will in the discus.
--Joe Gray 2nd in US Mountain Championship. Joe just missed being one of the few men to ever run under an hour on this legendary course
--Mike Sayenko ran 13:39 to put himself in position to run the 5K at the Trials, if he wants
--Lois Ricardi Keller runs 9:56 steeple, virtually assuring her a spot in the Olympic Trials; Rose got a 23 second PR in same meet in the steeple
--Carl Winter wins masters 45+ US half marathon trail championship; Joe Bisignano was 2nd in 50+ age group, David White-espin 3rd, Craig Kenworthy 4th 700 runners took part. Carl broke the age group record by 10 seconds, Joe broke the old 50+ record by 3 1/2 minutes but got beat by a fantastic runner.
--Kristi, Kimber, John O'Hearn, Charles Herrick, Tyler win PNTF track championships; Kristi won the 10K, Kimber and Tyler won the 5K, John won the 1500, and Charles won the 400m.
--Pete Hanson, Lauren Matthews 2nd in Shore Run 10K; Megan Huer, Erica McElrea go 1-2 in the 5K
--Destry wins Fremont, Josh and Kristi second
--Lauren Briehof wins Vancouver USA half marathon
--Maddie Meyers of Northwest School in Seattle will compete in her third Dream Mile. The Dream Mile gathers together the top milers to compete at the adidas Grand Prix meet in New York City. Maddie is a 15 time state champion and winner of the 2010 Dream Mile. She will join 2 other Washingtonians, Amy-Eloise Neale of Glacier Peak and Camas freshman Alexa Efraimson, who has run 4:23 for 1500m. Oregon will also be represented, with Paige Rice of Portland, who has run the U.S. #5 1500m time. The Washington boys will be represented by State 2A and Brooks PR meet mile champion Marcus Dickson, and State 3A champion and US #1 1600/mile Isaac Yorks of Lakes High School in Tacoma.
--Club Northwest All-comers news:
Megan Huer was first and Chandler Olson was 2nd in the mile at the all-comers on June 6th. The conditions were decent, with temperatures in the upper 50s, as the rains held off and there was little wind. Megan ran 4:55, Chandler 5:00. Amber Farthing won the 800 in 2:17.00, Spencer Walsh won the 5K in 15:35, and John Collins, who had run a 4:41 mile 2 weeks ago, was the top masters runner in16:07, while Ray Prentice was the top senior runner in 17:32. Some of these runners are just coming off their break so look for them to improve on these times later in the season.
--Congratulations to Maddie Meyers in winning her 9th, 10th, and 11th State Track Titles. With 4 XC Titles, she has now won 15 State Championships!
--Congratulations to Chandler Olson, State 4A Champion in the 3200m.
--Congratulations to our High School runners, all of whom scored at State: Kyra Burke, Patrick McDermott, Chandler Olson, Maddie Meyers, Hazel Carr, Moira O'Connor-Lenth, and Michael Mendenhall.
--Congratulations to our 6 high school runners who qualified for State--Maddie (3 events), Hazel (freshman, 3 events), Chandler (2), Kyra (2), Moira (2) and Patrick (freshman). See below for when they run at State.
Schedule: Tacoma:
Thursday, 7 PM, Girls 3A 3200m (Moira)
Thursday, 7:30 PM, Girls 4A 3200 (Chandler, Kyra)
Saturday, 3:25 PM, Boys 3A, 1600m (Patrick)
Saturday, 3:35 PM, Girls 3A, 1600m (Moira)
Saturday, 4:30 PM, Girls 4A, 1600m (Chandler, Kyra)
Friday, 11 AM, Girls 1A 3200m, (Hazel, Maddie)
Friday, 4:30 PM, Girls 1A 800m (Hazel, Maddie)
Saturday, 12 noon, Girls 1A 1600 (Hazel, Maddie)
Good luck to all!

--Maddie runs fastest 1600 in State
--Mike Sayenko, Claudia Copeland run super at Bloomsday
--Mike Sayenko hits Olympic Trials A Standard in 10k
--Teshome 2nd, Spencer Walsh 4th, Phil Olsen 5th at Eugene; Spencer Riley big PR, Milah, Andie Roff, Jason Russ get PRs; Glen 2nd master
--Maddie doubles in 1500/3000 at Lake Washington Invite; Chandler 2nd and 4th; Moira two huge PRs in 1500 and 3000; Grace PR in fast 800m
--Jane fast 5K 16:38; John Ricardi 4:10 mile at Western WA
--Rose debuts in Steeplechase
--Sandy runs 4:07, Andrew Sahl 2:00 in debut 800 at St. Martins Invite
--Bennett, Rose win Top Pot 5K, with great efforts all-around (17 top 20 finishes!)
--Acy Roff 2nd in age group in Eugene Half
--An exciting letter from Ben Williams:

Dear CNW Teammates and friends,
My wife Amanda and I are happy to welcome Finnigan (Fynn) Mahoney Cradler-Williams to our family! He was born on Saturday, April 21st at 6:36pm, weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces, at home. Mom and baby are healthy and resting well.
With care,
Ben, Amanda, and Fynn
Newborn Fynn Mahoney Crader-Williams already displaying his team pride
--Boston and Whidbey Island Marathons, Vancouver Sun Run, Pasco Invitational, High School races and More!! Check the Results page!
--We finally updated our Upcoming Races page with big races for the rest of 2012!
--Our PR times Form is finally online, and we'd appreciate if you took the time to fill it out for the distances you can. The form is on our Members page or directly through this Link.
--Latest results are up! Check out the latest road races, track meets, and marathons/half marathons in the results section of our website.
--GROUP PARTY!! This Wednesday (Feb 29th) at 7:30pm after the workout at Satay Malaysian Street Food in Wallingford at 1711 N. 45th, about 3.5 blocks East of Stone Way. Great food, great company, and great beer. (Use the usual password to get by our heavy security)
--Lotta & Ty Lewis had their first child, Erik, on December 7th. Here is a picture of Lotta with young Erik. For those who don't know Lotta and Ty have moved back to Sweden in the fall.Lotta Lewis with her newborn son, Erik
--Willie Richardson is out of the hospital and getting better with every day. He even showed up at the Club Northwest Resolution Run on January 1st.
--Willie update: He is expected to be released from the hospital Monday afternoon.
--Joe Gray and Megan Johnson won 12Ks of Christmas race (Dec. 18). Joe won by beating Teshome Kokobe by 29 seconds, 38:19 to 38:48 on the very challenging course. Megan ran 44:40, which was a big PR and was a 2:22 second win. Trisha Steidl was 6th (2nd age), Jon Greenberg 10th (2nd age), Carla Darr was 12 (1st age), Tasha Westinghouse was 19th and 6th in her age group, and Rich Camacho was 30 (7th age). Congrats all!
--We hosted the National Club Cross Country Championships on Saturday, December 10th, and it was a great success. We had 1200 runners and 161 clubs represented. And our teams were Awesome! We had teams in 7 major categories, and they finished 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. Totaling that up, that is 22 places for 7 teams, for a crude average of 3. That means that we had teams who felt like they had a chance to be on the podium in every race. And that is how they raced! The women's 40s and men's 50s teams were the defending national champions and they were able to repeat--but just barely. The 40s women dominated (more later) but the 50s men won by 1 point! That was the 7th time in the past 8 cross country championships that they won. We also had several individual medalists. The day was a testament to hard work, dedication and on race day, everyone pouring their hearts and souls into the race. A GREAT DAY!
--Willie update. Willie is still at UW Medical center and doing OK. He had a rough night but was up and did a couple of laps around the floor this afternoon (I was there but didn't time him). He is expected to be discharged some time this weekend.
--Rhea George won the Deceptions Pass 50K on Saturday. This was her 2nd win of the year, having won the Yakima River Canyon Marathon earlier this spring. She won by 30 minutes and was 4th overall.
--Willie Richardson donated a kidney to his younger nephew on Wednesday. The surgery went very well and both patients are doing well. The surgeon said that Willie had the lowest belly fat of any male patient he has ever had! Apparently he has been in some sort of exercise program over the past few years....I am sure he would appreciate hearing from you.
--Jackson Ludwig wins 1st race! Jackson won the North Face Endurance Challenge marathon on Dec. 3rd, winning the race, which gains 4500 feet, by 3 minutes.
--Maddie Meyers and Chandler Olson, finished 20th and 21st at the Footlocker West Regional. They ran with everything they had. But probably went out a bit too fast given all the hills. Maddie was 5:18 at the mile, Chandler 5:22. Maddie was in the top 10 2/3 of the way into the race, but had trouble on the 3rd hill of this very hilly course.
--Mark Oliver ran in his first marathon on Dec. 4th at the California International Marathon. He finished in the excellent time of 2:54. He was th 29th in his new 40-44 age group.
--Maddie Meyers commits to the University of Washington and Greg Metcalf. She chose UW over Oregon and Georgetown (the 2011 XC champion).
--Maddie Meyers one of the Washington Sports Stars of the Year nominees. Maddie set 4 American records this year in the steeplechase and represented the US in the Youth Games this summer in France.
--Jesse Williams, Trisha Steidl win Seattle marathon. Jesse won in 2:29 while Trish won in 3:03. Both have won marathons before. Trisha has won 5 marathons, and this is her 3rd win in Seattle. Jesse, who has run 2:23 for the marathon, won his very first marathon (Oklahoma City).
--Ian Fraser finished 3rd in 2:36, while Meeks Brucker had a very promising debut in finishing 12th in 2:50.
--Four Wed. night runners finished in the top 10 of the Seattle Half marathon. Sayaka was 5th, Lauren Briehof was 6th, Julie Vieslmeyer 8th and Jenna Armstrong was 10th, while Coach Hannah, whose marathon plans got scuttled due to injury and sickness, had a nice run to garner 36th place. See full results here.
--Lauren Matthews won the Ghost of Seattle Marathon in 2:49; she was 2nd overall. She held 2:45 pace through 21 miles in her attempt to meet the Olympic Trials standard of 2:46.
--Jake Bartholomy ran in the New York City marathon on Nov. 6th, finishing in 2:53. He was 129th in his age group.


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